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Future Week: 30.06 – 04.07 2014

Tuesday, 1 July:

What Exactly is Europe? – 8:30-12:30 (location TBA)
The European Studies team is working together with German high school students to discuss European solidarity. If you have a high level of German knowledge, please get in contact with Dr. Wulk as it is desired that some EUS students get involved in the workshop activities.

Models of European Integration – 19:15-21:00 EB 064
A lecture in English by John Erik Fossum from the ARENA Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo. Directly related to our study program and a good way to get some future information and utilize network abilities.

Wednesday, 2 July:

What Do We Expect From a European University? A Workshop to Collect Different Perspectives and Ideas – 13:00-15:00 (location TBA)
In this workshop European Studies students will work together with others who are interested in discussing their expectations and demands from a European University. The discussions will be in English!

Friday, 4 July:

Poster Session: Research Projects in European Studies – Students Present Their Master Thesis – 10:00-13:00 EB Foyer
Students of the fourth semester will present their work in progress in form of posters. Attendees of the session will have the unique chance to get a comprehensive overview of the different subjects studied and fields covered within our programme. The presentation in form of an exhibition allows both students and visitors to interact more closely and to engage in discussions on the concrete research projects.

Sommerfest for EuS, EuM and IM/S

The EuS, EuM and IM/S Fachschaften would cordially like to invite you to join us at this year’s Sommerfest which will take place on July 4th, starting at 16:00 in Munketoft.

This year’s event will feature the preview of the promotional video of the European Studies Master Program and, of course, the quarter finals of the Football World Cup with public viewings of the matches at 18:00 and 22:00.

There will also be games, food and drinks available for you to enjoy your time.

This is also a great chance to meet your fellow students in a more relaxed environment before the semester ends and some of them will leave Flensburg either on vacation, on Erasmus or to start their careers somewhere else.

We would be very pleased to see you all there 🙂

Warm regards,
your EUS, IM and EUM Fachschaften

Facebook link: Sommerfest for EuS, EuM, and IM/S


Semester end party

The Winter semester has come to a close and therefore on February 17th EUS students were gathering for a Semester end party.

This time it was the Red & Black playing-cards party. A request was for everyone to wear something red and black. In the party one could observe in how many different ways a person can dress up in these two colours.

The whole party room was decorated with playing cards and there was a photo-corner where a lot of people had fun taking photos together with their friends.

Here are some of the pictures from this red and black event.

Now the semester and the exam period has ended and therefore we wish you to rest well during the semester break and to come back full with enthusiasm and energy.

Your Fachschaft

EUS Cross Border Creativity

On April 27th, the first cross-border meeting between the EUS students from University of Southern Denmark and Flensburg took place. The event called “EUS Cross Border Creativity”, which was organized by both students’ representatives, shall contribute to more interaction and communication among the students.

The event started with a series of EUS mind games, in which the participants were asked to play taboo and guess EU related technical terms without mentioning them, discuss questions related to the EU and its policies, identify the single capitals of the EU member states and match the correct “Greet Europe” term in all 23 official languages.

After having lunch and a coffee break, the participants learned about the recent developments and issues in attaining an academic career in Social Science and related fields of study in Germany, Denmark and Poland. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Besier presented interesting insights and critics also concerning the potential of further EU integration in the field of higher education.

Luckily, the weather was sunny and prefect, so that the event could be closed with a city tour through Flensburg.

Hopefully, this cross-border initiative will turn into a continuous tradition and strengthen the communication and interaction among students between the University of Southern Denmark and Flensburg on the long run.

Yours EUS Fachschaft

EUS in the Christmas market of Lübeck

Sunday, December 11th and the third Advent. A group of EUS students gathered at the train station of Flensburg early in the morning to take a 3 hour train ride to the lovely city of Lübeck.

The weather decided to be nice for a change and the streets already decorated for Christmas looked even more colorful in the winter sunshine.  The first stop – the Holstentor. Afterwards a long roaming through the famous Niederegger-Marzipan shop where there were so many delicious and colorful sweets , that it was impossible to decide what to buy. Of course everyone spent a lot of time exploring the different edible and otherwise enjoyable things that one can find in the Christmas market in the Old city of Lübeck. Finally after having bought some Christmas presents and tasted typical German Christmas time treats in spite of the lack of snow everyone returned to Flensburg with a bit more Christmas cheer.

Orientation Week 2011: What…How…When… and Where…

Before the actual start of classes on the 24th of October, from 17th till 21st of October EUS students had a week for orientation, meeting and settling in Flensburg.

The week started by a Meet and greet  in Audimax where Professors, staff and students of the European studies and International Management met in the Audimax foyer around tall tables covered with different German snacks in an informal atmosphere to celebrate the start of the new academic year.

Monday informal meeting was followed by Tuesday official meeting which took place in EB Building at 10:00. While some members were counting the numbers of newcomers at the meeting, President of Fachschaft Laura Asarite greeted new members of our big EUS Studies Family by a very informative and interesting presentation which can be the best guide for every person, not only newcomer. (This presentation can be found in this website also);  After the presentation and general questions wet weather of Flensburg did not stop us from the trip around the Campus where the Fachschaft showed all possibilities and advantages of Capmus. The trip started from the logical place HG and finished in Mensa where all of us had lunch before another event where newcomers were asking detailed questions about the living and studying in Flensburg and Fachschaft were answering these questions.


„Wednesday, October 19th. A group of interested students takes a bus at 9 o’ clock from Campus. At 9 o’ clock, and it’s still vacation time! How’s that possible? Well, it’s time to step over the border, and visit our partner University of Sondeborg, Denmark.

The new students  were introduced to the town and to the University. Prof. Klatt caught everyone’s attention with some border region issues (e.g. the rise and fall of erotic shops on the border line). Once arrived, the students were informed about the opportunities (elective courses, research possibilities and an astonishing mensa) offered by the partnership with the University of Sondeborg. Afterwards the group wandered through the lovely streets of the old town (though some have been sighted near the industrial harbor) and could experience some typical Danish moody weather.” (Detailes about this trip were introduced by Andrea Varriale)


Later in the day in spite of the rain students were gathering for a cozy evening, a chat and a cocktail in the  Cafe Extrablatt.


Thursday was the day when the students were invited to join the wonderful guide Ann Jensen for a tour around Flensburg and discovering some interesting facts about the city. The group was taken to the typically picturesque courtyards, got to know the story behind the hanging shoes in Norederstrasse and got to walk through the Mouse hole.

And “TGI, Friday” and Semester Start Party 2011 in the popular place among the students of Campus “UnsinkBar”. The party started at 20:00 and had an open end. This evening all students were playing Table Football, Table Tennis, were dancing and enjoying tempting prices of the Bar for drinks. But all this we had to stop for a while at sharp 12 p.m. because ex-president of Fachschaft, Sebastian, had a Birthday and we all congratulated him and our newcomer Irina, who also celebrated her first Birthday in Germany with her new friends. After good wishes and free shots from Sebastian the party went on but our orientation went to its logical end. Hope it was useful and enjoyable for all newcomers and one more time: Welcome, guys, to the EUS Studies Big Family!


Your Fachschaft.


Trip to Holnis

Tuesday, May 12th 2011. A group of European Studies students leave Flensburg by Ferry to enjoy aday hiking to the tip top of the Holnis Peninsula, close to Gluecksburg. The ferry goes through the Foerde-water and drives around the Ox-Islands, which belong to Denmark. As the ship arrived Gluecksburg an easy and nice walk along the coast starts. The sun shines in between some clouds, it gets warmer and the views show various places where one can imagine nice picknicks or days at the seaside. After walking around a lighthouse the first view on Holnis gives the impression to discover many more beautiful views. Some bikers and quite some other hikers are also on their way. Close to the tip top, the group takes off their shoes to walk barefoot and feel the sand between the toes. The water is even warm enough to walk in there and so the students enjoy the last steps to where Holnis ends. After a little break the bus is taking the group back to Flensburg – a very nice hiking trip in the sunshine was worth to introduce a ‘lazy’ day into the middle of the week!

Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Saturday, May 14th. Everyone is listening to music, everyone is supporting the own country and a long evening full of music and international food made the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 special. More than 30 people watched the show from Duesseldorf that was opened by German comedian Stefan Raab and a nice remaster of the winning song in the previous year. Lots of fun, support for many different countries and in the end… 12 points went to Azerbaijan! Congratulations to the winner.

 Trip to Sonderburg campus

A group of students from first and third semester has visited the campus in Sonderborg on Monday, January 17th this year. The group was shown around the new Sonderburg university building and was introduced to some program opportunities and the possibilities of the Danish library. We got to know some students reporting of some interesting courses that can be taken as electives in the third semester. Also the career service gave an introduction to job opportunities in the region to students of the European Studies program. Part of the trip was also to try the delicious food of the Sonderborg-mensa :). Hope to see you on one of the next events and trips.

Nice summer trip to Brussels

From June 21st until June 24th 2010 the second semester students and some fourth semester students of the Masterprogram European Studies enjoyed a trip to the centre of European action. After starting early on Monday morning the group arrived their hotel that was very close to Grand Place in the afternoon. Some complicated but well solved and rare manouvers showed the group the first small streets and nice places to be for the next times. A walk to the Grand Place and to the famous Manneken Pis led the group with first impressions of the capital of Belgium.

On Tuesday the official program made the group visit the Council which provided one of the secret meeting rooms for the group to get information about procedures and every daywork in this institution. After a lunchbreak with famous Belgium fries in all kinds of serving, the group attended a special citiy-tour that not only included some interesting stories but also some acting by people of the group to reconstruc historical events. A visit to the Hanse-office that also included a meeting with the Member of Parliament, Jan Philipp Albrecht (German Green Party) concluded the day.

Wednesday was – as all four days – a nice summer day that made the prejudice of grey and rainy Brussels rediculous. A visit to the European Commission again gave interesting insight stories about the work for Europe and the every day problems. The permanent representation of Germany gave a clue how many actors and other institutions are connected with the work done in Brussels. The last visit of an institution included many discussions about different aspects of the EU and was held with the Member of Parliament, Raimer Böge (Christ-Democrats, Germany) at the European Parliament.

The world-cup-game between Ghana and Germany resulted in a celebration of Ghanese and Germans together (Germany won 1-0), because both teams reached the 1/8-finals. After a long trip back to Flensburg on Thursday the group arrived back well with many impressions and a nice trip to remember.


Demonstration for the FLU

Today’s demonstration in Flensburg was also accompanied by the media. We will try to provide you with links to the different news pages covering the demonstration. Keep checking every now and then since we will update this post as soon as we find new material. Speaking of material: If you have pictures, videos or other media material from the demonstration and think it is worthy to be put online, send it to us and we will create another blog-entry!

Here are some media links:

NDR: Article & Video (incl. the visit in Kiel)

SHZ: Article (including a short video)

FAZ: Article

And now some pictures taken by Courtney:

EUS Movie Legends in Shakir’s

Hallo everyone!

On Monday, July 25th was the day when EUS students celebrated another Semester end. This time everyone gathered in the small Shakir’s bar at the very heart of Flensburg for a Movie Legend party.

Accordingly such movie legends as Lara Croft, Cleopatra, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Cat Woman, Charlie’s angels, Las Bandidas, The Godfather and his assistant, Princess Cinderella, Jokers, Holly from breakfast at Tiffany’s, Monica and Phoebe form Series Friends, Ziyi Zhang from Memoirs of a Geisha and many others were walking on the Red carpet.

Close to midnight the best costumes were awarded with the prominent Academy Awards – the Oscar as well as the equivalent for the funniest costume – the Garden Gnome. According to the EUS Academy jury the Oscar went to The Godfather and his assistant

and The Garden Gnome to the joker.

Here you can find some pictures from the party and more of them can be found in our Facebook Pages:



Your Fachschaft Team:


Here comes the link for the pictures of the EUS Semester End Party :




Hallo everyone! Here come some pictures of the EUS AHOI-Party!

On Tuesday, February 15th, it was the last day of classes in the semester as well as the day of getting the first exam written for the 1st-semester-students. Upon this everyone was in a party-mood. AHOI is a seamen’s greeting and everyone could dress up with something fitting to the theme ‘sea / Ahoi’. Have a look at the funny pictures and enjoy them!

During the party one could drink ‘endless ocean’ which was a Flensburger-Pils-flatrate from a 50l-barrel! Also the best costumes have been awarded including a very cool stunt by Sebastian :). Finally the logo-contest was put to an end by announcing the winning logo.

We were also happy to see the head of studies, Mrs. Gaitanides, around that evening. It is not only the students that are happy about the classes to be over ;-). Here are the two group pictures:


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