Student dormitories: Am Campus

Living in Wohnheim Am Campus is amazing, the location is perfect, close to all university facilities by foot (7 minutes from Mensa, 8 min from gym).

Student dormitories: Sandberg

Hey you! Yeah you are new Flensburger. You will understand why I’m calling you as a Flensburger when you come to Flensburg, one of the nicest Northern city in Germany.

Student dormitories: Norderburse

One of the major question that you will face after you get accepted to the university is where to live? In this post we will tell you about one of the student dormitories: Norderburse.

German language classes

If you don’t know German language or if you want to improve your knowledge, don’t worry Flensburg University offers courses that are affordable and helpful.

Gym membership

Gym is the best place to get away from a stressful day at the university. If you are a university student you can get a membership to the Sport Centre (Sportzentrum) with a discount for the whole semester.

Useful cards for uni

At first it might be confusing to understand what cards you need for university and where you can get them. Here are a few cards you may need during your studies.

Buses in Flensburg

Flensburg is a relatively small city and the bus system is pretty easy to use. After you matriculate in the “Uni” your semester card will double as your (local) bus ticket.