Fun things to do around town

Studies are important, but you must have fun as well! Here is a list of our favourite past times in Flensburg.

Beaches in Flensburg

For most of newcomers, especially those who are not familiar with Germany, the region of Schleswig-Holstein associates with the piece of land in the middle of northern nowhere.


Food in Germany is quite cheap in comparison to other European countries. Many supermarket chains offer everything you can need, still small prices different can be a big deal on a thigh budget.

Night life in Flensburg

When it comes to clubbing in Germany, the first options coming into our minds are definitely Hamburg and Berlin.

Buffet and Mittagstisch

Eat good, eat lots and eat cheap! One of the things I notice on my very first walk around the city centre is the number of cute little restaurants around.

Top places to eat on a budget

Here is the thing, being a student in a foreign country can be though, you are far away from home and usually living on a very tight budget.